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Hemispheres Music Studio was started by Rebecca Harding and Rob Cutting in Burlington, Ontario, Canada in the summer of 2020. It was born of a desire to provide online music education during a time when the world was dealing with the massive upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Although started in the Northern Hemisphere, the studio has roots that extend south and around the world to Canberra, Australia, where Rebecca was raised. At about the same time that she was sitting down at the piano for her first lesson, aged 9 years old, Rob was learning his first few chords on the guitar, across the globe, in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada. 

While Rebecca was learning Classical music and sitting her exams in Australia, Rob was studying at Mohawk College in the Applied Music Program and being noticed as an up-and-coming guitarist in the Hamilton music scene, both as a lead performer and a sideman, playing both intimate solo acoustic gigs and raucous, full band shows in many of Ontario’s amazing local venues.  

While their experiences were vastly different, they were both profounly and positively impacted by their musical experiences – the joys, frustrations, accomplishments, and growth that come from learning an instrument, their close relationships with their teachers and the lasting friendships they formed through playing music. 

Rebecca moved to Canada in 2013 and shortly afterwards, met Rob. While both were already established teachers, Hemispheres began as a musical duo, performing live in local venues, with Rebecca and Rob sharing their music and voices with appreciative audiences.  

Hemispheres Music Studio is a result of many years of dedication, practice, experience, passion and a deep desire to share the amazing benefits of music with others. All our teachers bring their own stories, experience, and knowledge with them to Hemispheres to provide a rich and abundant source of musical inspiration. We are so thankful for their input and dedication. 

Rob Cutting

Guitar & Ukulele

Welcome to Hemispheres Music Studio! We are located at 3425 Harvester Rd. and South Service Rd. (between Walkers Line and Guelph Line). We are a new business in Burlington attempting to build a community of musicians & teachers with a passion for sharing the joy of music with students of all ages and abilities.

We offer in-person and online music lessons in a growing variety of instruments, including piano, guitar, violin, cello, voice, flute, ukulele, and recording. We also offer group classes!

Our teachers are experienced musicians, performers and technicians. We offer a range of musical styles, genres and methods, including the breakthrough, playing-based Simply Music piano method.

We believe that music education plays a crucially important role in promoting and developing creativity in individuals as well as in the larger community. Our philosophy is built upon the belief that all human beings are musical, without exception, and that with the knowledge, support, encouragement, and accountability we offer at Hemispheres Music Studio, everyone can learn to express themselves musically!

Thanks to the wonders of technology, Hemispheres Music Studio can connect students and teachers anywhere in the world, whatever “hemisphere” they reside in. The very best time to begin is right now so contact us today for more information!

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Online lessons have quickly become a permanent part of mainstream music education culture around the world. We believe they are here to stay because of these amazing benefits:


In these strange times, where health and safety is a primary concern, social distancing is a built-in feature of a virtual music lesson.


With so many other extracurricular and social activities currently unavailable, there is an opportunity to make use of this reclaimed time to learn the exciting and rewarding skill of a playing a musical instrument.


With the demands that modern life places on most of us and the many conflicting schedules in a single household, the convenience of online lessons is clear. Simply setting up in a quiet corner of the house to do a music lesson saves on fuel, the stress of driving in inclement weather, dressing children in winter gear, battling traffic and regains the most precious commodity of all. Your time.
*Since we began teaching online lessons, we’ve also noticed a drastic positive correction in the number of missed lessons. With fewer impediments to reaching your teacher at an online lesson studio, there has been highly increased consistency.


Regardless of your worldwide location, remoteness, access to transportation, physical disability, injury, illness or any other barriers that may have prevented your access to musical education in the past, online lessons can allow you to choose you instructor, from anywhere in the world, and learn to play from the comfort of your own home. With an instrument, an internet connection and the desire to learn, there is nothing holding you back!


Having now accumulated extensive experience, we can confidently attest to the effectiveness of online music lessons as we’ve watched our growing body of students thrive in the online environment! We have a commitment to continually acquiring the best equipment and technology we can and dedicate ourselves to delivering a quality experience.